March 30, 2022

Uplifting Stories from the Palmyra, Temple

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There are many amazing stories of Palmyra Temple. There is an article written for the Department of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University in Provo, Editors Alexander Baugh and Andrew Hedges compiled some pretty amazing miracles that happened during the Palmyra Temple building and dedication. These is something so special about the Palmyra Temple being right where the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ began. It makes sense that there are many miracles documented about the Palmyra Temple.

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Palmyra Temples Uplifting Facts:

-Non-Latter-Day Saint construction workers knelt in prayer each morning, before they would start working on the temple for the day. One worker said that the Palmyra Temple was the most remarkable building he had ever helped construct.

-Many people in the Palmyra, New York area, who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, refer to the Palmyra Temple as ”their temple” or ”our temple.” This is pretty amazing after studying the persecutions that the early saints went through, along with the problems buying the old Smith land.

-President Hinckley was inspired at the location of where the temple would be built, even though the location chosen required removing a house that had been built there.

-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was able to broadcast the dedication of the Palmyra Temple via encrypted transmission over the churches satellite system.

-An estimated 1.3 Million people participated in either the live broadcast or the rebroadcast of the dedication.

-The dedication was broadcast was aired in six different timezones and translated into twelve different languages.

-On the day of the dedication the Palmyra area had a big storm and they were being pelted with rain. BUT when President Hinckley went out to perform the cornerstone ceremony the sun came out and the sun shined over the temple and the sacred grove. President Hinckley said ”to me, it’s a miracle.”

Palmyra Temple Windows Miracles

Bro. Tom Holdman was in charge of the stain glass windows of the Palmyra temple. Bro. Holdman had an idea of making all the windows beautiful trees etched in stain glass, representing the sacred grove. Bro. Holdman went to seek permission from the architect of the temple. The architect loved the idea. The architect told Bro. Holdman that he needed to take the idea to the prophet to get permission.

Bro. Holdman took the idea to the President Hinckley and President Hinckley, also, liked the idea!

The one problem with the windows was the cost. Bro. Holdman was told by the prophet that he had to stay on budget, and those windows were pretty expensive. Making those windows simply did not seem possible with the budget.

President Hinckley told Bro. Holdman that if he was able to find the funding for the project it was good to go!

Bro. Holdman spoke to a person he thought might contribute to the temple project, and was surprised by the answer he received. The person Bro. Holdman asked said that he and his wife were sitting in the temple, and had a feeling that they needed to donate to the building of the Palmyra Temple. When this sweet couple received that guidance to contribute to the temple, it was two weeks before Bro. Holdman came to them to ask for assistance! They were ready to contribute right when Bro. Holdman came to them and asked!

President Brigham Young said, “Miracles, or these extraordinary manifestations of the power of God, are not for the unbeliever; they are to console the Saints, and to strengthen and confirm the faith of those who love, fear, and serve God, and not for outsiders.”

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