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Our Goal is to help connect the people to places in Church History. 

Make every trip a "Chruch history trip".
Angels Ministering, Cardston Alberta Temple

There are countless stories of Angels ministering to people inside the temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Temples are like a bridge to the other world. A common theme to the stories of Angels are how the experiences are not loud, but are soft, quiet experiences. These experiences remind us of […]

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Mary Fielding Smith, Hyrum Jailed in Liberty

The life of Mary Fielding Smith is full of trials. One of the hardest of all was when her husband, Hyrum Smith, was put in Liberty Jail. Mary Fielding married Hyrum Smith in 1837, (only one year before Hyrum stay in Liberty Jail). It was December 1, 1838 when Joseph and friends were falsely accused […]

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