June 10, 2022

Symbolism on the Mount Timpanogos Temple

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The symbolism on each of the temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is so fun to look for and can help add and strengthen you. The Mount Timpanogos temple has subtle details that can enrich your experience.

“Holiness to the Lord” and ”House of the Lord” are written on the front of every Latter-Day Saint Temple. On the Mount Timpanogos Temple there are two different places where you can find this inscription. On the East side of the temple it is written above the large window. In 2015 it was added to the front of the Mount Timpanogos temple in a front window, as you enter the temple. Here’s an article about the person in charge of making the temple window and his feelings about it, it’s pretty good :


Keystones: There are keystones on many of the windows of the Mount Timpanogos temple. The keystones on the windows of the Mount Timpanogos temple are not structural but added to the trim.

Star Stones: There are twenty four star stones on top of the main spire of the Mount Timpanogos temple. There are six start stones on each side of the temple, 3 on either side of the arched window.

Sun Stones: There are sixteen sun stones on the Mount Timpanogos Temple. You can find the sun stones at the base of tower and also on some smaller blocks.

Moon Stones: The Moon Stones are on each of the four sides of the temple. There are 4 windows, on the sides of the temple and on top of each window is a Moon Stone. Each different side of the temple has one of four phases of the moon. On the left, a full/new moon, then moving right, waning crescent, Waxing crescent, and waxing half moon.

Earth Stones: There are seven round features inside a square, representing the Earth Stones, similar to the Earth Stones on the Salt Lake Temple. The Earth Stones are at the corners of the temple. The Earth Stone that is different from the others is on the south east corner, where the earth stone has been replaced with the cornerstone.

Corner Stone: The Corner Stone is on the South-East corner of the Mount Timpanogos Temple, East facing.

Why Symbols?

It is interesting to know that there is so much symbolism on the Mount Timpanogos temple, but it is subtle. These symbols are not big things jumping out at someone, but small things that can only be noticed if you take time to really look.

In an article done by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in February of 2007 called ”Why Symbols” it goes over why the Lord uses symbols. Here is a little snippet from the article:

“Symbols are the universal tongue. … Symbols bring color and strength to language, while deepening and enriching our understandings. Symbols enable us to give conceptual form to ideas and emotions that may otherwise defy the power of words. They take us beyond words and grant us eloquence in the expression of feelings. Symbolic language conceals certain doctrinal truths from the wicked and thereby protects sacred things from possible ridicule. At the same time, symbols reveal truth to the spiritually alert.
“… Symbols are the language in which all gospel covenants and all ordinances of salvation have been revealed. From the time we are immersed in the waters of baptism to the time we kneel at the altar of the temple with the companion of our choice in the ordinance of eternal marriage, every covenant we make will be written in the language of symbolism.”
“Essential ordinances of the gospel symbolize the Atonement. Baptism by immersion is symbolic of the death, burial, and Resurrection of the Redeemer. Partaking of the sacrament renews baptismal covenants and also renews our memory of the Savior’s broken flesh and of the blood He shed for us. Ordinances of the temple symbolize our reconciliation with the Lord and seal families together forever.”

Why we should care:

The biggest reason to know and understand the symbolism around and in the Lords temples is that Heavenly Father is trying to teach us His ways! He is trying to help us get back to Him. Temples are full of symbolism all through every ceremony done inside these beautiful buildings.

If you are not able to go in the buildings there are still things for you to learn while simply being on the temple properties. So much can be learned from the way the buildings are built, what is added to the enrich your experience and especially the spirit you can feel being close to any of the temples.

What a blessing it is to have these wonderful buildings on Earth, and we are blessed to see so many being built! What a glorious time we live in, lets take advantage of it!


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