March 8, 2024

Orem Utah Temple Fun Facts

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The Orem Utah Temple is the 188th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is the 22nd Temple built in Utah, and the 6th built in Utah County.

The Orem Utah Temple was one of eight Temples announced by President Russell M. Nelson on October 5, 2019, during his closing remarks at the General Women's Session of General Conference. 

At the time of the Orem Temple announcement there were 26 stakes in Orem Utah alone. Attendance at the Timpanogos Temple and Provo Temples were almost at capacity. To create more opportunity for Temple service and relieve the pressures on the other temples, the Orem Temple was built.

The Orem Utah Temple sits on a 15 acre lot which was purchased by The Church in 2004. The area is known as Lake View. It was settled by Norwegian immigrants who arrived in Utah in 1864. This are is known for its many fruit orchards. The Orem Temple has incorporated the cherry blossom into the main design as a nod to what was there before.  

The total height of the temple is 218 feet, making it one of the taller temples in the Church.

The art glass design of the first-story windows is a rendering of the nearby wetlands and Utah Lake. The temple uses designs of water, cattails, bulrushes and other grasses as prominent motifs from nearby Utah Lake. Design elements of the second- and third-story windows include the cherry tree, with blossoms, leaves and fruits all representing many of the surrounding orchards. 

Orem Utah Temple has larger Sealing Rooms than many other temples.

The dedication of the Orem Temple was held January 21, 2024 and dedicated by D. Todd Christofferson.


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