September 13, 2022

Miracle at the Boise Idaho Temple

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The Boise Idaho Temple is a stop not to be missed, if you are going through Boise, Idaho. The Temple is located right off the freeway, and very close to Costco.

Our family just made the trek from Utah to Washington a couple times this past month for a wedding and a family reunion. Stopping in Boise and looking at the temple was a great break from the long stretch of road a head of us! It is a lot of fun knowing some information on the temple, for some fun facts on the Boise Temple click the link here.

One of my favorite stories about the Boise Temple is the miracle that happened at the dedication of the Boise Temple.

The excitement of receiving a temple in Eastern Idaho was huge. The members of Eastern Idaho of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints had waited a long time to get a temple closer to them. They were ready to start doing temple work closer to home. The Idaho Falls Temple was built in 1945 was the first temple in Idaho and the 8th dedicated temple in operation, the members of Eastern Idaho were told they would get a temple when the time is right and in 1984, they were finally getting the temple they waited for.

With the excitement of the Boise Temple there were large groups of people that wanted to participate in the dedication. The Church officials worked hard to accommodate as many people as possible, but Boise’s Fire Code would not allow the number requested by the Church officials. “The numbers far exceeded the number deemed reasonable by Boise’s fire safety codes.”

An Architect for the Boise Temple, Ronald W. Thurber called the Boise city fire chief and invited him for a personal tour of the temple, for 10am that morning. Ronald Thurber called a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, Elder Hugh W. Pinnock, who was the General Authority assisting with the temple to help. Elder Pinnock, Bro. Thurber and other Church officials gathered in the temple presidents office where Elder Pinnock told the others that he had called the First Presidency in Salt Lake City that morning and told them of the challenges they were facing with the dedication of the Boise temple. The First Presidency had put the item on the prayer roll that day and would be praying during their weekly meeting in the temple, which happened to coincide with Brother Thurber’s tour with the fire chief.

The fire chief was given a private tour of the temple, at 10 am that morning. After the tour, he agreed to grant the temple a permit for unlimited occupancy as long as safety procedures were followed! Their prayers were answered! What seemed impossible was now possible!

The group of men gathered, again, in the presidents office to give a prayer of thanks for having their prayers answered. Elder Pinnock said ”Brethren, I want you to know that we have just learned a great lesson. Come with me and I will show you.” The men followed Elder Pinnock into the presidents office. Asking them to kneel he said ”We often forget to give thanks.” and asked Bro. Thurber to pray and later said ”I was in such tears I could hardly pray. The First Presidency had taken a particular issue and solved it by imploring the assistance of Heavenly Father.’

There are many sweet lessons to be learned from this story. The Lord hears and answers prayers, humble prayers are heard, and working together for a cause is powerful. The Lord wants what is best for His children and that is evident as you look for His hand daily.

What is impactful for you from this story?

Have you heard this story before?

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