February 15, 2024

Map of Church History Sites

This map below was created to help find other Church Sites and Articles. Each point will have articles in the description about that point

(below the map is the rest of the article)

Church History Sites around the world can be a big difficult to find. This map was designed to make finding Church Sites easier for you! All the sites marked on the map above have wonderful, spiritual stories to go with. This map has stories and information on LDS Temples, Church History Museums and sites, stories about Pioneer Women with locations, and even some World History.

Find uplifting stories, and sites on every trip you take, throughout the world.

This map of Church locations is the reason this website was started, finding stories for every road trip or staycation was a priority. As a family we took many trips in our RV throughout the world. As we were traveling we would wonder about the good, faith promoting stories in each are to connect the site to our lives. This is how this website was started. Gathering all the stories for the last couple years and then putting all the best stories into this map to look at on every trip!

If you are going on a Church History Trip, Road-tripping throughout the United States, or even traveling the world this map is for you! The Church Sites map is designed to help you and your family find church history sites and stories in every location in the world.

New sites will continue to be added every week, so keep checking back!

Please share this map with anyone who is interested!


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