March 6, 2024

Lucy and Joseph Smith Sr. Visionary Dreams

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Visions and dreams has been a way the Lord communicates with His children since the beginning of time. There are many accounts throughout the scriptures of the Lord teaching and leading through dreams. The parents of the prophet Joseph Smith ware prepared for revelatory experiences long before the “First Vision” of their son Prophet Joseph Smith, through their own experiences of dreams and visions.

The Lord had given glorious visions to both Lucy Mack Smith, along with her husband, Joseph Smith Sr. heavenly manifestations. The glorious visions had been given to both Joseph’s parents at different times, in preparation for the mission of their son Joseph.

It is easy to see how these inspiring visions prepared both parents and the entire Smith family to accept heavenly manifestations of Joseph without doubt. When their son Joseph came to his parents both Lucy and Joseph Sr believed their son whole heartedly when hearing about his glorious manifestation of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. The parents of Joseph Smith were prepared by the Lord long before Joseph's First Vision occurred.

Lucy's Dream

While looking for which church to join, Lucy Mack Smith put much effort in finding the right church. She had been worried for a long time, saying religion "occupied my mind entirely." Her searching led her to Presbyterianism. Lucy was still not satisfied in her choice of religion feeling like there had to be more somewhere.

Lucy "retired to a grove of handsome wild cherry trees not far distant and prayed to the Lord." Asking God to soften the heart of her husband. That night she dreamed of two trees, one of which was pliant and lively, and the other unyielding. She understood it to mean, the flexible tree represented her husband, who would hear and receive the "pure and undefiled gospel of the Son of God" later in life.

Joseph Smith Sr. Dream

Joseph Smith Sr. similarly had impactful dreams on his quest for truth. He had three dreams which occurred in the years leading up to the First Vision.

These dreams were recorded by his wife Lucy Mack Smith. In one of the dreams of Joseph Smith Sr. he was sick, footsore, and weary. A guide shoed him a beautiful flower garden, in which he was renewed. "I then asked my guide the meaning of all this, but I woke before I received and answer."

In the second dream, Joseph Sr. walked to what seemed like a final judgement. He arrived too late and found himself denied admission. "Presently I found my flesh was perishing. I continued to pray, still my flesh withered upon my bones. I was in a state of almost total despair." At that point the doorkeeper questioned whether he had met all my requirements for admission, to which he replied, "All that was in my power to do." The porter(or angel) said that mercy could take effect only after justice was satisfied, upon which Joseph Sr. "cried out in the agony of my soul" for forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ. His strength returned returned and the door opened, "but upon entering, I awoke."

In the third dream, Joseph Sr. met a peddler who promised to tell him that one thing he lacked to secure his salvation. He sprang to get some paper, but awoke in the excitement.


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