July 13, 2023

Land of The Seattle Washington Temple

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The Seattle Washington Temple is the 19th operating Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The people of the Pacific Northwest were very anxious to get a Temple in their area. A group of Stake Presidents had even petitioned the First Presidency for a temple in the 1960’s but to no avail until 1974.

In 1974, the First Presidency petitioned F. Arthur Kay to look for a property that would be suitable for the house of the Lord. F. Arthur Kay was an area representative at the time, and he was under strict instructions to keep the search private. For five months F. Arthur Kay searched all the surrounding areas for the perfect piece of property, and was simply not able to find it.

On December 23, 1974 Brother Kay and his real estate agent had been out searching, and again, had no luck in finding the property suitable for the house of the Lord. Discouraged, the two drove back to the real estate office. One the ride back Brother Kay prayed silently pleading to the Lord saying: “Heavenly Father, will I ever find the land that Thou hast in mind for Thy holy house? Please, Father, wilt Thou lead me to the property and reveal it unto me?”

As the car approached the parking lot of the real estate office, the lot just behind the offices caught Bro. Kays eyes. He had been to that same parking lot dozens of times, but this time his eyes were opened and he saw the hillside completely differently. He recorded “My eyes were drawn to it. I noticed immediately that it was situated higher that its surrounding property. It was heavily wooded with fir, hemlock, cedar, madrona, and alder trees. There were flowing cherry and numerous other species of trees and shrubs. I pointed to this beautiful hillside and I remarked to Mr. Cade, ‘You know, what we’re really for is a piece of property just like this one above us, just behind your office!’ I was impressed to say, ‘Could this property possibly be for sale? Who owns it? What would it be worth?’ Mr. Cade didn’t know but said he would find out. We drove around the property for the first time. Together we walked over and through and around the property. I knew plainly we had found the temple site. My heart was overcome with gratitude beyond description in knowing that the Lord had heard my prayers.”

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