March 20, 2024

Jacob Hamblin Prayed for Rain

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Jacob Hamblin worked hard to foster peace between the Native American and the Pioneer setters in Southern Utah. Jacob had his work cut out for him with both groups of people steeped in traditional beliefs about the other group. At one point while working with the Native Americans Jacob promised that rain would come to their town of Southern Utah, if the Natives worked with the Saints. The problem with the promise was when the area of Southern Utah ran out of water and there was no rain in sight. Jacob sought the help of Heavenly Father in bringing the promise of rain to the group of Natives and the settlers. Heavenly Father answered the prayers of Jacob Hamblin by brining rain to the area.

A dam was built in the area of Santa Clara Utah and it dried up, the water had failed. The Natives came to Jacob Hamblin saying "You promised us water if we would help built a dam and plant corn. What about the promise now the creek is dry? What will we do for something to eat next winter?"

The chief said they would call on their medicine man to ask him to ask for rain, the chief went on to say that he never saw rain at this moon, so rain coming seemed very unlikely. Even with rain ulikely during this season Jacob knew that God could make it rain, if it was His will. It is evident that Heavenly Fathers cared about the relationship between the Natives and the Pioneers and wanted the two groups to help one another.

Jacob went and prayed to the God of Abraham to forgive him for making such promises of rain. Telling God it had been unwise of him to promise the Natives water for their crops, and asked for help from God to make it rain, to not lose the trust of the Natives over this promise he made.

While still on his knees, on a clear, cloudless morning, heavy drops of rain fell on his back for about three seconds. Jacob knew it was a sign that his prayers had been answered. He went and told the Natives that the rain would come. He then went back to the brethren and told them they would have all the water they wanted.

The next day a gentle rain started to fall. The water rose to its ordinary stage in the creek and it was clear water. They watered their crops all that they wished and both the settlers and the Natives acknowledged the events to be a special providence.

Jacob said he believed that more corn and squash was grown that year than ever before or since on the same number of acres. From that time, the Natives believed that Latter-day Saints had great power over the clouds. Jacob said they labored to teach the Natives that it was a gift from God but it was a difficult.

Jacob Hamblin was put in very difficult situations, and with the help of Heavenly Father he was able to act in the name of God to produce Gods miracles. Jacob Hamblin loved the Native people and saw how the two groups could prosper in the hard climate by working together. Jacob Hamblin worked with a loving Heavenly Father to bring miracles to the people of Southern Utah.


p 37-38 of Jacob Hamblin book

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