August 31, 2023

Best Books on America for Latter-Day Saints

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Independence Day brings out Patriotic feelings throughout the United States, and it is such a fun time. All the flags being flown, the parades and fireworks make summer a great time of year. Adding the study of United States History can add to the feelings of the celebrations. Helping all to remember all that came before to give us opportunities that no other generation have had.

Some of us have not studied the history of the United States for many years. Even schools have changed some of the curriculum on the foundation of this great country. It is important to do your own studying by trusted sources, to understand Gods path for the United States.

The world needed a "free country", and there was no "free country" before the foundation of the United States. Now there are many countries free, and able to choose, but that was not the case BEFORE the United States was founded! God needed a country to lead the way on religious freedom, where God can be worshiped free of persecution. God paved a way for the United States to be free, and put people here to do His will. It is not by chance that the United States became a free country, many set the path for the United States.

Taking time to learn about the history of the United States will help you have more confidence in God's hand, trusting Gods purpose, and knowing that He is in charge. This does not mean there are not problems(major problems), and there won't continue to be problems but it does mean that God has a purpose for the United States, and it's people.

While on this United States History Book journey it lead me to binge books on multiple area of the History of The United States, and World History. Learning specifically how the hand of Providence, or a loving Heavenly Father, led and helped the people of the past to create a foundation for the United States of America. Recognizing how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints could not have been in any other country in the whole world and survived. Seeing how the Lord guided the correct people to facilitate the actions that needed to occur to create a strong government of freedom and independence.

Best Book on America

7 Tipping Points
  1. “7 Tipping Points that Saved the World” by Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart.

“The Seven Tipping Points that Saved the World” is a great book to start with! It gives you an introduction to World History. Starting with the ancient world, explaining how this world could have been drastically different, if different people had won ancient wars. Then, through the winners of the wars, enlightenment came to the world, and through enlightenment came individuality. Individuality led the way for Christianity to take hold on the Earth.

Christianity, being spread throughout the world helped contribute to an emphasis on helping others and looking beyond oneself, and the importance of what each person can do. This book did a great job at explaining how Christianity truly has changed the world. The thought process of looking beyond oneself was not common in History, and the new Christian religion changed how the world worked, and is still changing the world today.

The book goes over some of the horrific events throughout the worlds history with disregard for life and others, and even in the name of Christianity there have been crusades, murders, unrighteous dominion and many more atrocities. The authors do a very good job bringing the problems to light and also put it in perspective.

This book was eye opening to learn about the world powers, thousands of years ago, determined to destroy all, but through a series of miraculous evens the trajectory of the world was changed.

Personally, I thought the book did a great job connecting events of the past, and explaining how these events changed the world. Not knowing much of ancient World History, I was engaged, and feel more educated of the topic.

This book is a good one because it helps lay a foundation for the whole world. It gives you a little bit of everything and explains it in an easy to understand way. I had my older kids listening to the book on a road trip, and there is a lot of gore and bloody details, but it was education for my older kids too, just be aware of that for younger.

2. “The Seven Miracles that Saved America” by Christ Steward and Ted Stewart.

Amazon link to book 7 Miracles that Saved America

“The Seven Miracles that Saved America” has been a great book to listen with my older kids(ages 13 and 14). This book goes over the miraculous events that led to The United States of America having it’s important role in the world today.

The book goes into detail about Christopher Columbus discovering the American continent. How miraculous it is that China did not discover the continent first. Many historians are surprised at the coincidence of China putting an end to their exploring the seas not long before Columbus found the American continent. The authors describe how different the world would be now if China would have been the ones to discover the new world.

“The Seven Miracles that Saved America” did a great job giving overview of important events in history, and gives hope for the future of the United States. It is a great book!

3. “6 Events, The Restoration Model for Solving Life’s Problems” by Stephen R. Covey.

6 Events Restoration by Steven Covey

“6 Events” connects the Restoration of The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the history of the United States of America. This book makes an effort of teaching people to understand the gifts Heavenly Father has given each person and how those gifts can change lives.

I enjoyed the history found in this book, and its connection to today.

4. “1776” By David McCullough.

Amazon Link 1778 by David McCullough

David McCullough is a wonderful historical writer. His books are very well researched and he does a great job explaining the complexities of history. 1776, is a great book that goes into great details of the year 1776, and how it changed the world.

This book is eye opening to the miracles that happened in laying the foundation of The United States of America. The Founding Fathers were the exact people needed for the United States. There are no coincidences, and this book is very clear on how astonishing it is to have so many brilliant minds in the right place at the right time for their ideas.

5. “The American Spirit” by David McCullough

The American Spirit by David McCullough

“The American Spirit” is another great book by David McCullough. He goes over what it means to be an American, and how many have tried to diminish the American Spirit. "The American Spirit" is a shorter book, with thoughts on what has happened in the world and the United States for people to lose the "American Spirit" and the importance of getting it back. David McCullough is very passionate about understanding real history, and helping others understand. This book was short, to the point and full of great information.

He is very well educated on the topic and his explanations

6. “The Great Prologue” by Mark E. Petersen

Amazon link The Great American Spirit

(This book is out of print, you can get the kindle version on Amazon through the link above, or you can look on "Good Reads" and watch for a used copy to become available.)

“The Great Prologue” is an older book, copy write 1975. Mark E. Petersen was a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles from 1944 until his death in 1984. He was an American News Editor before his call to the Quorum.

“The Great Prologue” is a good book for general information about the History of the United States. It did not go into a lot of details, and kept all the stories simple. It is a good overview and a great book to read as a family. The purpose of the book is to connect the hand of God to the History of the United States. It is a good book to get your feet wet in American History and see the connection of God to the miraculous events that lead to the foundation of the United States. It is a short and easy read book. would be a good one for the younger kids to learn history and the connection to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

7. “The Blueprint of Christs Church” by Tad R. Callister

Amazon link The Blueprint of Christs Church By Tad Callister

Amazon link The Blueprint of Christs Church By Tad Callister

Tad R. Callister is one of my most favorite authors. He is very clear, studied and teaches complex concepts very simply and it is no different with this book.

“The Blueprint of Christ Church” explains how the Church of Jesus Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints did not just appear one day, but it was hundred of years in the making. There were many people who contributed to the preparation of the United States, readying it for the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to be on Earth again. This book is not necessarily patriotic, but there are many snippets that convey the important work that was to be done in the world prior to the restoration, and through the restoration.

Why Read Books on The United States of America

All these books have a lot in common, but the most important thing, each of these books include is the Hand of God in the establishment of The United States of America. Each book teaches about the miraculous events of the establishments of The United States, and how those alive today are reaping the benefits of millions of years of shaping this world in preparation for this time, when the Gospel of Jesus Christ is back on the Earth.

The Lord loves this world and he needs a place of freedom for the Headquarters Gospel of Jesus Christ. The current climate of the World can be frightening, but knowing that the Lord is in charge and has been in charge since the beginning of the world is comforting. Reading these books can help add to a testimony of the love of Heavenly Father and help open your eyes to see His purpose.

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