September 6, 2023

Best Books on the Great Apostasy

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After the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, He instructed the Twelve apostles to go throughout the world spreading the gospel. The Ancient Apostles of Jesus Christ, took the charge, and went out to the world sharing what they had seen and heard. Each of the apostles faced very difficult circumstances and all ended up giving their lives for the cause.

The records are not completely clear when the deaths of the Apostles of Jesus Christ occurred. Some traditions have been passed down, and this believed to be the most accurate:

Peter and Paul were martyred in Rome about 66 AD during the persecution under Emperor Nero. Paul was beheaded. Peter was crucified upside down, requesting not to be killed the same way as the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Andrew is said to have gone to "land of the man-eaters" what is now known as the Soviet Union. Christians there claim him as the first to bring the gospel to their land. He also preached in Asia Minor, modern-day Turkey, and Greece, where he is said to, also, have been crucified.

Thomas, was probably most active in the area east of Syria. Tradition has him preaching as far east as India, where the ancient Marthoma Christians revere him as their founder. They claim that he died there when pierced through with the spears of four soldiers.

Philip, is thought to have had a powerful ministry in Carthage in North Africa and Asia Minor, where he converted the wife of a Roman proconsul. In retaliation, the proconsul had Philip arrested and cruelly put to death.

Matthew, the tax collector, and writer of a Gospel ministered in Persia and Ethiopia. Some of the oldest reports say he was not martyred, while others say he was stabbed to death in Ethiopia.

Bartholomew, traditions says he had widespread missionary travels: to India with Thomas and back to Armenia, Ethiopia, and Southern Arabia. There are various accounts of how he met his death as a martyr for the gospel.

James, was one of at least three James referred to in the New Testament. There is some confusion as to which is which, but this James is recorded to have ministered in Syria. The Jewish historian Josephus reported that he was stoned and then clubbed to death.

Simon the Zealot, they say ministered in Persia and was killed after refusing to sacrifice to the sun god.

Matthias, was the apostle chosen to replace Judas. Tradition sends him to Syria with Andrew and to death by burning.

John the Beloved, is still alive today, how amazing is that?! The rest of the Christian world believes that John died of old age. He is the only apostles thought to have died a natural death from old age, in other words, they do not have a record of him dying. He was the church leader in the Ephesus area and is said to have taken care of Mary the mother of Jesus in his home. During Domitian's persecution in the middle '90s, he was exiled to the island of Patmos. There he is credited with writing the last book of the New Testament, Revelations. An early Latin tradition has him escaping unhurt after being cast into boiling oil in Rome(how cool is that?!). Joseph Smith received a revelation confirming that John’s mission will continue as a translated being until the Savior’s return (see Doctrine and Covenants 7:1–6). In other words, he not only prophesied of the end times, but his mission includes helping fulfill these prophecies, as well as witnessing the fulfillment of the things that were revealed to him!

Best Books on the Great Apostasy

The death of the Apostles of Jesus Christ led to widespread apostasy throughout the world, this period of time in the world is known as The Great Apostasy. For years the world incorporated incorrect traditions into the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ, without the Priesthood of God on the Earth along with Apostles and Prophets. Without a prophet or the priesthood on the Earth chaos ensued. This period of time is known as “The Dark Ages”, now historians are working to change the name to the “Middle Ages”.

The death of Jesus Christ and His Apostles led to the Priesthood of God being taken from the Earth, and a need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be Restored again. There was a lot of time, and circumstances that had to come about before the Gospel of Jesus Christ could be restored to the World again, because this time the Gospel will not be taken from the world again.

There are some great books to teach about the time of the Great Apostasy and the promised Restoration.

1.“Inevitable Apostasy” Tad R. Callister

Amazon Link The Inevitable Apostasy

Amazon Link The Inevitable Apostasy

"The Inevitable Apostasy" by Tad R. Callister is my favorite book on the Apostasy. He explains the circumstances so well, and makes sense of the history. He has a very holistic view and it is a very powerful book. If you are only going to read one book on the Great Apostasy make this book your book! Tad Callister makes everything so easy to understand and connects all the dots, it is a truly amazing book, that everyone should read!

2. “The Great Apostasy” by James E. Talmage.

Amazon Link The Great Apostasy by James Talmage

Amazon Link The Great Apostasy by James Talmage

This book was once in the Missionary Library for all full time Missionaries and that is where I first read this book. This book opened my eyes to how the whole world was and is effected by the Great Apostasy, and it is full of great information.

3. “Seven Tipping Points that Saved the world” by Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart.

Amazon Link The Miracle of Freedom 7 Tipping Points

Amazon Link The Miracle of Freedom 7 Tipping Points

This book to connect the ancient world and the modern world, opening up your eyes to understand the past. It connects all that had to happen hundreds of years ago to make way for the Christian Era. Without miracles, or unexplained events, occurring in pivotal wars, the world would not have made progress. Through the Hand of God stepping in and helping a crucial times progress has been made, and this book does a great job bringing in ancient history and teaching about the importance of God hand in World History.

4. Martin Luther: The Man who rediscovered God and Changed the World by Eric Metaxas.

Amazon Link Martin Luther The Man That Rediscovered God

Amazon Link Martin Luther The Man That Rediscovered God

The reformers played such a pivotal role in the Restoration of The Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Martin Luther was willing to risk his life to bring awareness to the apostasy of the Catholic Church. Martin Luther was a very inspired man, all the reformers were, and they did a great work to bring awareness. This book was a great look at who Martin Luther was and how he was inspired to go against traditions and opened the eyes of the world to more.

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