March 20, 2024

Healing the Sick, Jacob Hamblin Stories

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Jacob Hamblin, an early pioneer of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was was an witness to many miracles of God. He was able to give and receive Priesthood blessing of healing on several occasions, ultimately saving his life and the lives of others.

This story of healing took place in Santa Clara, Utah, where Jacob Hamblin lived. Jacob and a friend went to check on the Native American groups nearby. When the two men arrived at the camp they found a woman who was extremely sick.

When Jacob arrived the woman had sought help from the medicine man of the tribe. He was going through a round of ceremonies in order to heal her. The woman asked Jacob and his friend to stay and wait, if the Piute charm did not work she sought for the "Mormon healing". Someone told the woman that the "Mormons" believe in "poogi" which mean administering to the sick in their language.

The medicine man worked most of the night and in the morning with no improvement from the sick woman. Finally giving up, friends of the woman, took the sick woman from the lodge and left her to die outside.

The relatives of the sick woman called for Jacob and his friend to administer to her. They laid on hands and prayed for her. This healing miracle happened right away, Jacob said when they rose to return to their camp the sick woman arose and followed them, saying she was hungry.

With such a great and miraculous miracle some of the woman's family felt afraid when they saw her, because they truly thought she was dead.

From the gospel topics manual it says: “A miracle is an extraordinary event caused by the power of God. … Miracles are an important element in the work of Jesus Christ. … They include healings, restoring the dead to life, and resurrection. Miracles are a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith is necessary in order for miracles to be manifested.”


p. 33, 41-42 Jacob Hamblin book

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