October 15, 2023

Fun Facts about the Montreal Quebec Temple

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The Montreal Quebec Temple is the 86th Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was announced August 6, 1998, dedicated in the year 2000. The Montreal Quebec Temple was then rededicated by Henry B. Eyring in 2015.

The Montreal Quebec Temple is the 6th temple in Canada but it the first temple in Quebec.

The Montreal Quebec Temple was dedicated on the same day as the San Jose Costa Rica Temple.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, President Benoit Duquette, of the Montreal stake commented on the difficulty of getting to the temple in this area. When he joined the Church in 1975, members from the area drove 45 hours to attend the Alberta Temple in Cardston or would fly to the Swiss Temple. Since 1990, members have traveled for six hours to attend the Toronto Ontario Temple.

The windows feature gold and blue glass in a geometric design based on historic metal grill patterns found on doors and windows in Montreal.

The exterior uses the design of the Maple leaf. The Maple leaf symbolizes unity, tolerance, love, longevity, peace and balance. The Maple leaf designed on the Montreal Temple was designed by VCBO Architecture, sculpted by Stefani Hunt of Spanish Fork, Utah, and manufactured by Les Pierres Technofil Inc. of St. Nicolas, Quebec.

On Monday, June 2, 2014, the Montreal Quebec Temple closed for a complete renovation of the interior and exterior. The Temple was reinforced, by replacing the original wood framing with reinforced concrete and steel. Major repairs were carried out including remediation of a mold problem. In addition, the ordinance rooms were decorated with beautiful landscape murals, and the exterior was slightly altered to give the edifice an updated appearance. It was rededicated on November 22, 2015.

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