September 5, 2023

Founding Fathers Advocating Religion

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Latter-day Saint Church scholar, Tad A. Callister, produced a YouTube video(linked below) explaining where the Founding Fathers really fall when it comes to Freedom of Religion. Many have misconstrued and taken quotes out of context when it comes to the Founding Fathers of the United States, and this YouTube video helps sets the record straight.

Tad R. Callister is one of the very best gospel writers and scholars of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His research is some of the best done, and he explains the topics simply for all to understand. There is a large fight trying to get God, and religion to take a step back in the United States, but it is through God and religion that we have the good in this country, not the opposite. This YouTube video call the “Mayflower Promise” gives insight into the very foundation of the United States and the parts played by the Founding Fathers. The hand that God played in preparing the land and the people for this great nation.

The imperfections of the Founding Fathers should not be the focus, but we can learn from both the good things the founders did and the bad things. More than anything, we can see how Gods hand took imperfect people and created a foundation for a country that set a standard for the whole world.

The United States of America was set up by God to help the world. (Although, there have been many bad things that have come from the United States, there has been so much good!). The Founding Fathers knew that this new country needed to be built up by morals, with standards. The Founding Fathers knew it was through freedom of religion that this country would be strong. The United States of America is a blessing for the world

“Morality must fall without religion.” -Alexander Hamilton

“American is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, then she will cease to be great.” -Author Unknown

Region has had a place in the United States since before the United States was a country. As morals and standards unravel we see the need for God to be in the center of this Nation, and not pushed to the side. this YouTube video is about a half hour long and is full of valuable information about how valuable religion is to this great nation.

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