March 4, 2024

Bismarck North Dakota Temple

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The Bismarck North Dakota Temple is the 61 temple in operation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The first Stake in North Dakota was organized in 1977 in Fargo. Today in 2024 there are over 11,000 members and three stakes.

The Temple was dedicated in 1999 by the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. This the first time President Hinckley had been to the state of North Dakota, the only State in the United States he had never visited. President Hinckley had been all over the world, and was excited about finally making it to North Dakota for the dedication of the Temple.

Unlike so many other temples throughout the world, there was no opposition to the building of the Bismarck North Dakota Temple. When the Church submitted the building permits the city representative simply said "You own the property, don't you?" They answered "yes" and the city employee said "Then we don't see a problem."

The Bismarck North Dakota Temple is built with materials from throughout the world. The exterior marble came from Quebec, other marble from Italy, stained glass windows from Germany, and the chandeliers in the celestial room and sealing rooms are from Czech Republic.

The Bismarck North Dakota Temple is 10,700 square feet and on 1.6 acres of land.


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