September 7, 2023

Best St. George Temple Information by Bruce C. Hafen

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St. George Temple Video

Best St. George Temple information LDS
St. George Temple renovations done video of history of St. George Temple by Bruce C. Hafen lds

The St. George Temple has some of the best temple building stories in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The St. George Temple is a historic, pioneer temple opening this weekend to tour! The St. George Temple has been in reconstruction for the last couple years, and it is so exciting to be be able to tour the temple again!

Bruce C. Hafen was the temple president of the St. George Temple years ago, and he grew up in St. George. He has a love for the pioneers that built the temple, the miracles that unfolded and the history of all involved.

Below is the link of a talk done by Elder Bruce C. Hafen from 2014. This wonderful devotional goes over the history of the St. George Temple. He also teaches about the sacrifices the Saints went through, along with miraculous events that unfolded. The video is a little over an hour long, but take a minute and learn from this amazing speaker. This is one of the best presentations on the St. George Temple ever!

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