September 5, 2023

Best Books on Emma Smith

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Emma Smith, the wife of the Prophet Joseph Smith, is one of the most talked about women in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. By being married to the first prophet of the restoration Emma was in the middle of all the major events that happened in the beginning of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My heart hurts for Emma, what she faced in this life is was more than most could have born and she faced her challenges with her head held high. Emma had a very difficult life and she did the best she knew how. Many today have mixed feelings about the end of Emmas life and the choices she made after the death of her husband, Joseph Smith Jr.

These books are Emma are just pieces of her life, nobody knows exactly what she went through other than our Savior Jesus Christ. As you take time to study the life of Emma Smith with an open heart hopefully you can walk away with a greater understanding of the love our Heavenly Father has for Emma and a stronger testimony in the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ restored through Emmas husband.

When reading books about Emma Smith I always worry weather the author will give a good, objective view on Emma’s life. There tends to be two different ways of looking at Emma, as though she was perfect and never did anything wrong or that she was a thorn in the side of Church History. Each of these books I’m recommending, I felt, did a good job of being objective to Emma. Looking at her whole life and all of her choices, not just the ones at the end of the life of her husband.

3 Must Read Books on Emma Smith

“Glorious Truths About Emma Smith” by Susan Easton Black.

Amazon link Glorious Truths about Emma Smith

The book “Glorious Truth’s about Emma Smith” by Susan Easton Black is a wonderful book about the wife of the prophet Joseph Smith. Susan Easton Black is a wonderful author and has a love of the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have read this book a couple times and each time I have come away with different opinions, the first time I was looking for deep information on Emma, things that you do not normally hear from Church articles or normal Church discussion, but this book was not a deep dive. This book is more documented truths on Emma. The last time I read it this book I was looking for good, solid, documented information on Emma, and this book was perfect! It is deeper than the basics but did not jump into area of assumptions or guess what Emma was thinking. This book did a great job not putting words in Emmas mouth, but kept to what was written in history. Because there is not a lot of guess work, you do not get some different ideas of what Emma was meaning when she said certain things. I felt like this book was a great, foundational book on Emma, full of factual faith-filled quotes.

“First: The Life and Faith of Emma Smith” by Jennifer Reeder.

Amazon link First the life and Faith of Emma Smith

Amazon link First the life and Faith of Emma Smith

“First: The life and Faith of Emma Smith” by Jennifer Reeder is a great book if you are looking for more analyzing of Emma’s life and decisions. It is evident that the author, Jennifer Reeder, loves and honors Emma Smith. This books looks at Emma in a very favorable light, but there are assumptions made on Emma’s like that are more guessing than documented history. I actually loved that the first time I read the book. I wanted some deeper diving into Emmas thoughts and actions, and this book really kept me thinking. When I went back and read this book again, I did not love all the times the author filled in the blanks on Emmas life. I liked this book more the first time I read it, but this book is still definitely worth the read. It is a great book, I enjoyed it.

“Emma Hale Smith: An Elect Lady” by Paul Thomas Smith

(this one I can't find the link on Amazon, I listened to it through Deseret Book Shelf)

I thought this book was very well done, also. Each of these books takes a different look at Emma and the whole of her life. I think this book was softer on her, than other books done on Emma, and I liked it. You can feel the great love the author has for Emma and it was nice hearing the author defend her. This book was also full of a lot of foundational information on Emma, not a lot that has not been told before, and not a lot of deep digging. It was a great book though, I enjoyed it.

Why Read Books on Emma Smith

Sometimes, when it comes to Church History we are content with what we learn in Church lessons, and then when someone says something not often talked about you panic on your education or lack of education in Church History. If we get to know our history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints our own testimonies will be strengthened. Emma Smith is one of the most influential women of Church History. Learning about her and her trials and blessings can help us see how the Lord loves His daughters and how trials can make us stronger.

Each of these books can help you gain a greater understanding of the History of the Church and specifically about the Emma Smith. There are so many rumors on what happened after the death of Joseph Smith and all of these books do a great job helping people have a greater understanding of what happened to the family of the prophet Joseph Smith. Emma was left to tell the story, and it is worth it to understand all we can about this wonderful woman.

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