October 4, 2023

Bangkok Thailand Temple

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Bangkok Thailand Temple was announced by President Monson in 2015, the groundbreaking happened four years later in 2019.

This is the first Latter-day Saint Temple in Thailand and the third in Southeast Asia.

The Bangkok temple is a 48,525-square-foot building of six stories, with a central spire surrounded by eight smaller spires. Each spire is capped with a perforated decorative screen desighend to blend seamlessly with the heavens above and provide a glowing ember at night.

Its exterior of the temple is made of precast concrete, with art-glass windows that have an amber, gold and teal border.

The Bangkok temple does not have an angel Moroni.

The form of the decorative light fixtures was inspired by royal sun umbrellas, but their function
is inverse: instead of providing shade, they radiate light.

Carved details on the celestial and sealing room columns feature ratchaphruek tree flowers, which are Thailand’s national flower.

The temple site is on the former Church office building, used for the Bangkok Thailand Mission. The building had multiple purposes including: the Bangkok Service Center, the Bangkok Thailand PEF Self-Reliance Center and other Church entities.

Accompanying the temple is a temple annex building containing Church offices, a FamilySearch center, and two separate chapels and meeting rooms.

The first missionaries in Thailand were sent by the prophet Brigham Young in 1852. Four missionaires were sent to what was then known as Siam. Only one of them made it to the country, and not until
1854, and he stayed only four months due to the language barrier.

Missionaries were not called back to Thailand until 1966. There are now over 23,000 member of the Church in Thailand with churches in the urban areas and in the country.

Before the Thailand Temple was completed the closes temple to the members in Thailand was Hong Kong, almost 1,000 miles away.




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