September 5, 2023

Adam-ondi-Ahman and the Second Coming

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Joseph Smith revealed in Doctrine and Covenants 116, that Adam-ondi-Ahman will be the location where the prophet Adam will come visit his people. It will be a grand meeting directed by the Savior Jesus Christ.

Who Will Participate in the Grand Meeting of Adam-ondi-Ahman:

Elder Bruce R. McConkie wrote the participants at the meeting will include "all the faithful member of the Church then living and all the faithful saints of all the ages past. . . It will be the greatest congregation of the faithful saints ever assembled on the planet."

This grand meeting will be to prepare the Children of Adam for the Second Coming of the Savior Jesus Christ.

Joseph Smith said this about the meeting:

"He (Adam) is the father of the human family, and presides over the spirits of all men, and all that have had the keys must stand before him in this grand council. . . .The Son of Man [Jesus Christ] stands before him, and there is given him glory and dominion. Adam delivers up his stewardship to Christ, that which was delivered to him as holding the keys of the universe, but retains his standing as head of the human family. . . He (Adam) is the head, and was told to multiply. The keys were first given to him, and by him to others. He will have to give an account of his stewardship, and they to him."

This meeting will be one of the final steps to prepare for the Millennium, and Christ personal reign on the Earth.

Bruce R. McConkie spoke on what will happen:

"It is something about which the world knows nothing. . . Before any of his appearances, which taken together comprise the second coming of the Son of God. . . there is to be a secret appearance to selected members of His Church. . . Adam under the direction of the Holy One, holds the keys of salvation for all men. He presides over all dispensations. . . He directs all the affairs of the Lord on the earth.

. . . Every prophet, apostle, president, bishop, elder, or church officer of whatever degree-all who have held keys shall stand before him who holds all the keys. They will be called upon to give an account of their stewardship and to report how and in what manner they have used their priesthood and their keys for the salvation of men within the sphere of their appointments.

And who are the "ten thousand times ten thousand" who stand before him? Are not these the one hundred million and more who have been faithful and true in the days of their mortal probations? . . . Truly it is so. . .

Adam-ondi-Ahman. . . is a blessed and holy place! There Adam our Prince will give an accounting to Christ our King. The Prince serves the King! The King always is supreme, though he honors the Prince by giving him power and dominion over his realms for an appointed season. But when the King returns, the Prince steps aside, and the Supreme Lord of all rules and reigns on earth. And thus, as the Lord lives, has it been and will it be." (Sacred Places p.396-397)

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